Avoiding Various Health Issues by Reducing Your Mobile Phone Use

One of the biggest ironies in the history of mankind is that every time we create, build or invent something to make our lives easier, there’s usually a price we have to pay for it. Since we started building skyscrapers, many lives have been lost either during their construction or when earthquakes damage them or reduce them to rubble. Even some of the medicines we make to heal us can have adverse side effects if taken improperly. In the realm of technology, prolonged exposure to certain electronic or electrical machines and devices can take a toll on one’s health, and these include that portable communication gadget we take with us practically everywhere we go: the mobile phone.What used to be just a gadget for making/taking calls and later on sending/receiving text messages has evolved into a power-packed, portable machine that can perform various tasks that make our lives easier. However, despite its many useful features and capabilities, using it for long stretches can have negative effects on our health. Those who have unlimited mobile plans are the ones that are potentially more vulnerable to these effects since they are more likely to use their phones for extended periods.Based on studies conducted by various scientific groups, some serious health hazards can be associated with heavy mobile phone use. Even the World Health Organization has declared that the radiation emitted by cell phones can be linked to brain cancer. There are also studies that show that carrying a phone on your belt or in your pants’ pocket can cause diminished sperm count for men, thereby affecting their reproductive health. For women, no study has been published about a mobile phone’s effect on their reproductive health. However, several articles suggested that cell phone radiation can cause harm to a developing fetus. Whether or not you believe in these findings, it is always smart to err on the safe side and minimize your phone use if you’re an expectant mother.Aside from reproductive health concerns, there are also other health issues that are believed to be caused by exposure to mobile phone radiation such as sleep disturbance and even changes in the behavior of children. Some say that the studies showing the ill effects of prolonged mobile phone use are not definitive and that more research should still be done, but you certainly wouldn’t take the risk of experiencing any of the health issues mentioned earlier by not minimizing your phone use.Be on the safe side by making an effort to reduce your exposure to mobile phones.